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I'm the last stop for high physical performers to finally get out of pain.

Physical pain manifests in the body to get YOU to do something different.

Your repetitive movement patterns in your sport could be pulling joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments out of alignment. That not only hurts, it eventually causes injury.

Your exuberant and active physical gestures while speaking to an audience can be causing extra stress to your physical body. No one, including Tony Robbins, can go on that long without suffering physical consequences.

Your trapped emotions from trauma, trauma you probably don't even remember, can be causing you pain that doesn't come with an injury, rhyme or reason. The trapped emotions vibrate extremely low and low/negative vibrations cause pain.

Your negative thoughts, your stress thoughts, and your "what if" thoughts cause your brain to secrete stress hormones that narrow your focus to your body, time & space. You become more obsessive with your body, more concerned on playing catch up and more concerned with shiny objects that promise to be the "fix".

When We Work Together

We'll use my 3 part system to get you out of pain

Over the coursed of six months, we'll use a customizable framework based on these components

Mental: we'll assess your unhelpful thoughts that dominate and deplete your best efforts. We'll create new thoughts & beliefs that will support your greatest endeavors.

Emotional: emotions have a vibrational frequency and based on your life experiences, you could be holding degenerative emotions that are wreaking havoc on already vulnerable body parts. We'll free those emotions & energy up so that you can perform without pain.

Mechanical: you have compensatory movement patterns. No one moves perfectly, especially high performing achievers like yourself. Your postural alignment is the foundation for all other movements. Joint alignment is #1, strength & flexibility a close second.

Pain & Injuries cost you




This work is for you if everything else you've tried hasn't worked - and you're willing to do the work.

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