Body & Belief Challenge

Stop Eating Your Feelings, Stop Feeling Like Crap About Yourself & Re-Train Your Belief in what You Can Achieve

It's my promise to you that in 7 days I can give you the necessary tools to transform your body.

Join the FREE 7-Day Challenge (Sep. 19 - 25th) to change up your energy

& create the body you so deserve.

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Hey Girl!

I'm so glad you're here. Thank for listening to my podcast and joining me on my self-love (body-love) journey! I can't wait to be part of yours on a much more personal level through this challenge!

As you know, I've had MAJOR eating issues and actually damaged my digestive tract because I abused laxatives. The damage is something I still live with to this day. Not only that, I had a severe neck injury that wasn't caused by an accident, but by stored energy of low-vibration emotions.

There's really 

good news


I've learned a lot and I get to share all my tools with you!

So here's what we will do over the course of seven days...

You'll learn how to become aware of your inner dialogue (self-talk/limiting beliefs) that are keeping you in a self-sabotaging loop so that you can actually change the thoughts & behaviors.

You'll learn how to build your body the way you want it. Fitness can be super dogmatic & I'll show you how to exercise in a way that's best for your desired results!

If you've been struggling to stick to a fitness program, you're tired of hating your body or you're ready to truly master your mindset, the 7-day challenge is a GREAT place to start building the mental strength & flexibility to finally achieve your desires!


how this challenge works

  • Private FB Group (you'll get the link after sign-up)

  • Daily livestreams by me on each mental tool

  • PDF downloads for each tool

  • Day 1 & Day 7 zoom meeting for QnA (9/19 & 9/25)

  • Follow-along workouts w/ energetic & emotional work afterwards

  • Guided meditation to re-program your unconscious mind to get results



It's my promise to you that in 7 days I can give you the necessary tools to transform your body.

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