Passionate About Inspiring Others

Lauren Herrera is your down to earth, tell-it-like-it-is self-help expert that will always uplift your spirits and provide real-world ways to break generational ties of feeling unlovable.

An entrepreneur since she was 15, captivating and hilarious speaker and life coach. Lauren's genius is helping men & women break ancestral and generational ties of unlovable, letting go of limiting beliefs that aren't even their's, and become their next level.

Lauren is the host of the worldwide podcast, Lauren Herrera: Lineage of Unlovable, producer of 5 more podcasts, writer, editor, and social media trainer.

Her coaching and speaking teach men and women how to physically, mentally and spiritually transform, letting go of sabotaging behavior & perfectionist tendencies to lead a fulfilled lifestyle with ease.

Lauren collects mindset hacks from religion, spirituality, physics, and psychology to help any man or woman make the ambiguous "mindset shift."

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