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Lose your first 5 pounds or 5 inches in 10 days

Join the FREE 10-Day Challenge (Feb. 3 - 12) to burn 5 pounds or 5 inches in just 10 days.

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for sustainable fat burning & physical transformation in 10 days.

(Don't worry, I won't let you yo-yo or feel crazy!)

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Yay! Welcome to the challenge, sister! You are going to be so glad you ventured on this journey to losing your first 5 pounds or 5 inches in just 10 days.

I know it might sound crazy, but it's totally doable.

And, contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not a:

FAD diet

Crash diet

Starvation diet!

In fact, you'll learn the tools highly trained athletes use to get their body to look, feel & perform at their elite level.

That might sound like a BIG promise - and it totally is, and even better, it totally works.

Best of all, you won't be left hanging in the usual diet land of equating your self-worth with:

Good food/bad food

Numbers up/down on the scale

Numbers up/down on the tape measure

Clothes fitting tighter/looser

I'm going to be with you each step of the way to strengthen your:



& Spiritual connection to your Higher Self...

so that these 10 days of aesthetic change are brought about through the tools of diet and non-exercise (you heard me correctly, non-exercise movement)!

The first place you've gone wrong in trying to burn fat and drop inches is that you've made it about YOU...


Your worth - and your body does not dictate your worth.


Your body is a magnificent communication device between your Soul Self and your Human Self.


And guess what? YOU get to decide how

you want it to look, feel & perform.


You in? 




How this challenge works

  • Private FB Group (you'll get the link after sign-up)

  • Daily coaching livestreams 

  • PDF downloadable schedule & tool sheet

  • Guided meditation to re-program your unconscious mind to get results



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